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Day Spa Nails  - Nail salon near me Grapevine, TX 76051

This was my first trip to Day Spa. I was immediately impressed with the elegance and ambiance of the salon. I was greeted and seated right away, which I greatly appreciated since I’m super indecisive about my nail color. The staff was very patient with me and offered me a beverage during my decision process. I ended up asking my technician’s opinion to help me decide on the 2 colors I liked most. She actually convinced me try the dip polish, even though I had a bad experience at a previous salon. Since then, I’m super sensitive to the nail Dremel, which I communicated to Hannah. She was super sweet about it and was so gentle the entire time. I’m so happy with results and cannot stop staring at my nails! For once, I don’t have any soreness around my cuticles! I will absolutely be returning to Day Spa with Hannah in a month and maybe even splurge on a facial!"

(5/5 stars - Angela Guajardo)

" 2nd time in here and I'm amazed at the work they do everyone that works there has an amazing personality and are very attentive. Growing up in the DFW area I have bin to SEVERAL nail places, but this is the BEST nail spa I have ever bin to. Definitely try it if u haven't bin before. They won't let u down!"

(5/5 stars - Jayla Tilo)

" They did an amazing job!!! They were polite and so nice to talk to. I ended up returning on the same day cause I accidentally broke my nail and they repaired it with no issues! Mind you they were about to close in 15 mins! I will definitely be back!"

(5/5 stars - Janitha Lawson)

" I received a Royal Pedicure and Manicure today at Day Spa in Grapevine. It was the best pedicure I have ever had and my finger nail look great! The staff is very talented, cordial and professional. Go there next time you need your nails done, you won’t be disappointed. The owner's Kelly and Hai run a very clean and professional business."

(5/5 stars - Lisa Burger)

" Made appt same day on a Monday and was able to fit in around 5:30 pm. I had a great experience at this nail salon. The manicurist are very detailed, friendly and sweet. They did my nails and did a fabulous job. The place is very upscale. I love these nails! I will definitely go back again!"

(5/5 stars - Linhs Nails Xiang)

" I love the way they treated me so homie and the decoration look so fancy but welcome. All they used for the pedicure are good things and disposable stuff! I feel so satisfied with no worry that they clean! they took time to do my pedicure so that’s really relaxing. My nail was done with the passion of the girl and look perfect! That’s all what I need!"

(5/5 stars -  Phương Khanh Võ)

" I get regular dipped nails and pedicure and have been happy every time. There have been instances where I have been rough with my nails and have had some break or chip and I can go in and have it fixed at no cost. Everyone who works here is very nice and cheery. Definitely recommend!"

(5/5 stars - Kristy Rudolph)

My first time coming to this establishment was about 3 weeks ago. A friend and I were heading to the Grapevine Mills mall and were looking for a place to get a pedicure on the way. The first place we went to had no availability so we searched for another location and found Day Spa Nails. We called before heading up there and they had an hour wait. We scheduled our pedicures for about 11/2 later, which would be an hour before their closing time. When we got there there was only 1 other person there besides us. Even though it was an hour before closing they were so polite an accommodating and still took their time with the pedicure, and didnt rush it at all. The ambience of the place was very mellow and inviting- they even had a great selection of music playing. My friend and I had such a wonderful experience here that we chose to bypass all other Nail Shops that were close by and drive the 30 minutes back to this establishment this past Friday. I'm happy to report that our second experience was just as pleasant as the first. I don't ever get my nails done, just paint added. So, I cant really speak to that but I cant definitely tell you that the pedicures are AMAZING! They have various pedicure options to choose from at decent price points; I get the peppermint one. The peppermint gives you a tingling cold burning sensation and smells awesome! I know that doesn't sound appealing, and that description used in reference to something else could be concerning, but anyone that has ever used a peppermint product (Dr. Bronner peppermint Castile soap) would understand. Lol However, if that tingling burning sensation isnt your thing then they have other packages that have scents from fruity stuff to lavender. All in all....this place has earned my business and I will be coming back!"

(5/5 stars - 
Jena My Princess (Pigrabbit))

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